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How to contact me

So you've decided that what you really need is to contact me directly. There are several obvious methods.

  • If you're a member of British Mensa, I'm listed as the Local Secretary (LocSec) for Ruislip + Pinner, in Greater London. My home address and home and mobile phone numbers are there, along with my email address
  • You could send me an email. Obviously I'm not going to put an address here where the spammers can grab it, but bear in mind I do own the top-level domain . There is wildcard email forwarding there - any email sent to that domain will reach me. Apart from that I seem to have an ever-increasing number of addresses that come to my email box
    • One at
    • One at
    • One at
    • Two at - supposedly deleted
    • One at
    • One at my current ISP, Force 9
    To the best of my knowledge these all filter through to me eventually, but some my take longer than others....
  • Instant messagng - I'm running a client called Trillian that lets me sit on multiple networks at once. I think at the moment this includes ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo! Use the directory services to look for my name.
  • Any other old fashioned contacts methods like physical mail and phone numbers are not going to be posted directly to the web. Use email to ask for them.

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