Dominic J. Thoreau

How I build this site

This website is the result of multiple changes over approx 10 years.

  • Created in 1994. Hand-coded in HTML. Hosted by AIT/AUT
  • Relocated in 1996 to Landcare Research.
  • Redesigned in 1998 to use SSL and bright colours.
  • Relocated in 1999 to ihug. SSL code reverts to static.
  • Relocated in 2003 to Force9 in the United Kingdom, and placed in it's own domain
  • Redesigned in April 2004. Pastel colours and simple navigation. Coded in Netscape Communicatior, leaning heavily on HTML code
  • Problems with the tabbing system (adding new pages is too annoying) lead to creation of a perl management engine.
Engine components
  • - the code that merges content files with left-side index panel. Writes files to disk and then uploads them to the production website.
  • index.xml - contains the data for the structure of the site.
    Tag Meaning
    wrap the whole thing in a single tag. Try to make this good XML
    <item> wraps up a whole entry
    Every file has a name. To get the source you append .content, to get the webpage you append .html
    The displayed link text, and page header for this filename
    The order in the index.xml file is arbitrary, but you can sort into your chosen order. These are numbers, decimal points permitted
    To avoid cluttering the menu, some entries can be sub-entries for others, which aren't shown if not related
    Setting nocode to true stops this item being generated by this script, but the menu still points to it
    Setting noind to true stops it being displayed as a menu item unless you link to it elsewhere
  • TEMPLATE.html - Contains all the code that isn't menu or content. The background, stylesheet, table, copyright notice.

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