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This is planned to be a generic homepage for the Thoreau family.
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Who are you  ?
  • My Name is Dominic Thoreau. It's my real name - neither me nor my parents changed my name to Thoreau.
  • By birth I'm a New Zealander, although my parents were from Jersey, UK. I'm currently living in London, UK
  • The Thoreau's in general seem to be able to (mostly) trace their family back to the Channel Islands (part of the United Kingdom) as part of the Hugenot migration (The Hugenots fled the Inquisition from France in the 1600s (well before the revolution) due to being Protestant (or at least not Catholic). Hugenot communites formed many locations, including England, Quebec)
What is this page about ?

Nothing really, It's more an intent, and a way of creating a distinct internet identity for family and distant relatives. To be brutal, it's also a nice clear reference for search engines to help other off-shoots of the thoreau family trace others.

  • Simple email addresses (ie dominic @
  • Simple internet URLs ( )
  • Any other possible synergies, like possibilities of:
    • Reunions
    • Simplified Geneology work

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