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This is a total re-design of a prior page. Most of the content on that page was either badly outdated, or (more commonly) a broken link
This is a very quick attempt to return all content to working, at least sort of.

For the record, this was done on April 17th and 18th 2004.

If you feel this all looks rather plain, it's deliberate. All the previous designs were created mainly as an excuse to play with technical features, like SSI and the like. If anything, you should use perl to play with this version.

For the record: Beware the Sounds link - it's a link to a file generated by script. It's a list of my music collection as stored by Apple's iTunes software. It doesn't deal with compilation albums at all well. I must go and hack at it for awhile, as it's not my script....

If you wanted something that was on the previous page, be reassured that I've still got it, and I'll try to put it back in it's old place, so searched links continue to work. It's all still on the server, you just can't browse to it from here...

I know this looks like cheap HTML, but most of it's built from script. This look redesign was based on one initially written by Psycophant (without his knowledge/permission) - edited down in MS Word, and then all the rubbish taken out using vim. Go and look at my notes to see how it's put together.

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